The continued growth of the lighting industry and in particularly LED sees an increasing demand in materials meeting stringent requirements and providing longevity. The range of elastomers available to lighting engineers and designers is quite extensive. With so much choice, choosing the right material can become difficult and it’s easy to get lost in an ocean of information, grades and specifications.

PremSil Silicone Sponge has extreme temperature resistance, chemical stability and a low compression set. It’s that fantastic sealing ability which makes it the material of choice in many lighting applications, performing comfortably with the heat generated in lighting enclosures. Silicone sponge’s excellent environmental resistance mean it is excellent for use in outdoor applications where protection from weathering is vital for performance, and reduces the life cycle cost & maintenance regime significantly. Naturally, a sponge offers an inherent cost saving and improved sealing properties over a rubber counterpart.

PremSil Silicone Sponge “Excellent thermal stability, combined with low outgassing and low water & dust ingress for a perfect lighting solution”

Key Product Benefits:

  • High-Temperature grades -50°C up to +280°C
  • Low smoke/toxicity
  • Closed Cell – low water/dust ingress
  • High-temperature double curing and no additional additives to reduce out gassing
  • Weather resistant – UV, Ozone, Rain, Frost
  • UL94V-0 compliant grades
  • Low compression set for great sealing ability & recovery

Typical Applications:

  • LED street light seals
  • Outdoor electrical displays & signage
  • Road & rail tunnels
  • Industrial lighting
  • Vibration dampening