The rail and mass transit industry is rapidly growing globally with an increasing demand for products that provide sealing and dampening solutions. PremSil has developed a closed cell silicone sponge that meets the priority requirement of passenger safety, whilst enhancing comfort. You need to look no further than PremSil if your application requires high-performance sealing and cushioning properties, combined with a capability to meet the most stringent fire and smoke requirements.

Our PremSil product combines these properties with resistance to the extremes of temperatures, UV resistance and an excellent compression set. Available in a range of densities, in extrusion or sheet form you can rely on our experience to help develop a custom solution. We can provide bespoke and key turn solutions to meet your requirements.

PremSil Silicone Sponge “Excellent compression set and thermal stability, combined with adherence to the most stringent of fire and toxic requirements”

Key Product Benefits:

  • Superior Flame resistance to the most stringent UL94V-0
  • EN45545-2 compliant grade available
  • Low toxicity, smoke and flame
  • Thermal stability from -50oC up to +250oC
  • High-temperature double curing and no additional additives to reduce out gassing
  • Excellent compression set and creep resistance
  • Moisture resistance and UV resistance
  • A range of densities for variable closure force, vibration isolation and comfort

Typical Applications:

  • Acoustic & Fire barriers
  • Sealing applications – door & window seals, HVAC and lighting enclosure seals, LCD and other display screens
  • Vibration isolation and mechanical damping
  • Cushioning