silicone design

Silicone is widely used across many industries and we are still finding new uses all the time. Being such a versatile material, PremSil is always interested in exploring new markets and developing new products, so when we were approached by an award-winning team of designers to develop an innovative product of theirs, we took the opportunity firmly with both hands.

The product was to become a type of silicone rug, both eye-catching and fashionable, whilst also incorporating health benefits amongst other attractive features. Working closely with the designers we developed a new formula, tweaking our product in order to achieve the desired cushioning and general feel of the material. We also established a new process to manufacture the product which allowed a blend of colours – the designers would use the blended colours of our silicone sponge to create the eye-catching pieces. Once both parties were happy, the first true samples were manufactured and the first rugs made – the results were fantastic! Our valued customer now exports their designs globally, seeing huge success thanks to the number of benefits on offer – the cushioning provides anti-fatigue benefits and they are widely used outdoors thanks to our silicone sponge’s high resistance to UV and weathering like rain, frost & wind.

PremSil are always on the lookout for new applications for silicone sponge and the Premium Partnership shown here is a value we truly cherish.

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