silicone for led lighting

Our team worked alongside a popular LED manufacturer who approached PremSil with issues they had been facing with the material being used as a seal at the time. The problem was water was finding its way into the enclosures and damaging the internal components, causing numerous maintenance and repair issues.

As the material being used at the time was a silicone sponge, we investigated to see where the issues were being created. It was found that the silicone was a ‘mixed-cell’ sponge. This means the cell structure within the sealing profile contained both closed and open cells. The issue it causes is water & dust can make its way through the open cells – as these particular LED systems were for external use it was clear to see how water had managed to get inside the enclosure.

PremSil worked closely with the company to determine the correct grade and density for the application and replaced the problematic material in use with our own. PremSil Silicone Sponge is a closed-cell sponge, meaning each cell is separate from the next, so it doesn’t allow the flow of water through it, and it can be manufactured to meet IP rating IP 65 & IP66. We also ensure the LED system doesn’t encounter fogging, another common issue faced. This is usually caused when the silicone hasn’t been fully cured and high temperatures in the LED systems cause the material to release volatiles – a problem you needn’t worry about at PremSil.

The Premium Quality offered meant the end of the issues plaguing the company and we are delighted to now count them amongst our loyal customers.