silicone for food processing

One of PremSil’s international customers presented a challenge when a food processing machine broke down and needed new sealing material right away. As the required part was a seal we hadn’t supplied before this meant manufacturing a new product from concept design to delivery within 7 days.

We strongly believe in our commitment to partnering with our customers and our manufacturing capabilities are flexible and responsive. Our production team pulled together to produce a die and test products within hours of the urgent enquiry. Samples were then sent abroad to the customer and gained approval by day 3. After receiving the green light to go ahead, our team produced the final product, which was received on day 7, much to the satisfaction (and relief) of our valued customer.

Not only are our standard lead times an improvement on the general market trend, but our ‘Express Service’ is also there for those urgent orders where time is money. A perfect example of our Premium Efficiency. Find out more about our Express Service by contacting our team today!